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VS 嵐 2013.12.05 (Gunma + One Plus Guest Chinen Yuri)
Hi minna..
i bring to u VS 嵐 last night that the opponent is The Gunma and as One Plus Guest is HSJ no Chinen Yuri.

I put my effort to download and upload this episode  to my account because both of 嵐 and HSJ are my fave idol.
Jyaa,, minna just download it as ur please..

Click on the pic..

131205 VS嵐.mp4_thumbs_[2013.12.06_20.26.38]

VS 嵐 720p

Source: Baeksoo => d-addicts

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Thank you very much. :)

Waaaaaah~ arigatouuuu~ ♥

thank you so much for sharing this ^^

¡Muchísimas gracias! Estoy muy feliz por poder verlo, gracias ^^

thank you for sharing...¬^^

I couldn't be more happier for Chinen. Must have been so happy to see Ohno :)

Thank you for sharing!!

me too...
enjoy it although without sub,,^^

thank you so much!! <3

thank you sooo much for sharing


Thanks for sharing. I really love Chinen, he's so cute in this show. I want to see him more and more.>.

thank you very much for sharing this *u*

OMG You're awsesome! Thank you~>

Thank you so much *A*♥

UWAH! I've been so excited to watch this!!! Thanks so much for sharing! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yay thank you so much for this! :D

Thank you!!
poor Chinen! but it´s very cute!!

Thank you! Excited to see Chii on VS Arashi! :D

ah,, where i get this with sub?

You can find it on
it's member locked, be a member first if you want to DL it.. ^^

Thank you so much for sharing ^^

thank you

EDIT : lien dead

Edited at 2015-08-07 07:45 pm (UTC)

I cant download it. the video seems to be unavailable. I really want to watch it. Hey! Say! jump is my ichiban.

It seems that the video is no longer available :( please help. i really want to watch chinen :(

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